International Contemporary Dance Festival
International Contemporary Dance Festival – Image Credits: © Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

12th International Contemporary Chania Dance Festival (Dance Days)


Chania International Dance Festival: The Body in a state of beginning – The Body in a state of empathy.

While searching for the identity of the 12th Dance Days Chania, the need to return to our roots, to remember who we are and what inspired us to create this festival that nourishes our body, soul and mind, came naturally.

Answering the question ‘What is DDC’s place in an ever-changing world that vibrates and longs for nuances?’ it became a one-way direction for us to curate a deeply human-centered program. A program that aims and reflects on creative shifts and on the quest of new approaches and balances through the art of dance.

Dance Days Chania lives through its volunteers and invests in authenticity and proximity, in the redefinition of physicality and the sensitization of the community. To the dancer, the student, the artist, and every person who dares to dream, to be awake and present!

During the 12th edition, the following will be hosted:
– 9 performances in outdoor and indoor theatres (Theatre of Eastern Moat, San Salvatore Bastion Special Stage, Mikis Theodorakis Theatre, “Oxo Nou” studio)

– 5 site specific works, in the city’s neighborhoods and squares, with free admission for the public

– 3 selected projects from the section “New Creators and Public Space” that functions as a platform for the creation and production of original works, which are set up specifically in site of the city by the creators in an artistic residency that strengthens and gives tools to new Greek artists. Admission is free and interaction with the public is encouraged where appropriate.

– 8 workshops

– 7 masterclasses

2-day tribute to video dance with screenings of 34 selected films, with free admission for the public

– our first transnational residency, concerning the creation of a kinesthetic convention through research between performers from European countries who meet for the first time within the framework of the collaborating festivals (Dance Days Chania and Zawirowania dance festival – Warsaw).

“Dance Days Chania” is organized by the Association of Expressive Dance “Syn-Kinis” since 2011 with voluntary work of its members. The 12th Dance Days Chania is co-organized by the Municipality of Chania – KEPPEDICH-KAM and the Region of Crete – P.E. Chania.

It is funded by the Ministry of Culture and receives the kind support of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation, the Embassy of Austria in Athens and the Deputy Ministry of Culture of Cyprus. Cooperating institutions are the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania and the School Community of the 6th Gymnasium, 4th Lyceum, Esterion Gymnasium and Esterion Lyceum of Chania.

12th International Contemporary Dance Festival “Dance Days Chania”
12th International Contemporary Dance Festival “Dance Days Chania”

DDC has received the EFFE Label 2017-2018, 2019-2021 & 2022 – 2023 certification from the European Federation of the EFA.

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East Moat Theater


Address: Nikiforos Fokas & Kyprou (View on google maps)

Space Dimension: 2892 sq.m.

Capacity: 1350 persons

Phone: 2821034200


Other info: Dressing rooms

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