Why Chania

A blog about Chania’s City Blinding Lights.

As any visitor will quickly realize, this blog is a little difficult to classify. On the one hand, Why Chania is clearly not given to providing exclusive information about the best-hidden secrets and hotspots in the Prefecture of Chania as the typical city guides. On the other hand, Why Chania is not particularly limited in the topics it addresses.

We suspect that as a direct consequence of this practice, we are breaking the two fundamental rules of blogging nowadays. However, we feel no compulsion to modify or change the path we have been taking because we think that value creation and knowledge sharing are much more important and intrinsically interesting than mimic the content of other similar blogs.

Our posts tend to be “dedicated investigations” that dig into various topics from the latest real estate market trends and construction perspectives to posts highlighting the importance and beauty of our ancient past and from the current challenges of our local society to a variety of scientific research topics and thematic links published in ARENCOS, our architectural and engineering firm’s website.

The Why in Chania blog serves as a mechanism for reflection and knowledge sharing, a point of motivation, and a call to action. It is also promoting the full breadth of the Cretan tourism product through high-quality experiential content and engaging with first-time visitors and returning users. We strive to bring together news, opinions, and perspectives from our clients, visitors, readers, and many guest bloggers to highlight the best things in Chania as well as discuss the day-to-day experiences and challenges faced by the local residents and visitors.

Occasionally we may invite locals and foreigners living in Chania, including professionals from Academic Institutions and Organizations, to submit pieces that share their experiences or perspectives on topics related to a variety of fields. Why Chania is supported by an engaged Social Media following and aims to be the go-to place for everyone who shares a love for holidaying in Chania, Crete and an advanced digital standard for the local market.

We hope you enjoy the posts featured here and welcome you to engage with the content using the commenting platform.

Commenting Policy

All professional blogs offer the ability for users to correspond directly with those managing them. This one is no different. Our platform allows us to approve comments before we post them and obviously, we won’t post anything inappropriate (rude, insulting, personal, etc.).Views expressed by Guest Bloggers are solely those of individual authors, and not necessarily those of Why Chania or ARENCOS. If you need clarity on any matter, feel free to write a polite comment and we will try to reply transparently and quickly.